Mary Electra

Mary’s Story

What is Sound Healing?

Not a simple question… yet understanding everything has a resonate frequency is a good place to start.

When something happens to disrupt our “resonate frequency” discord occurs and our natural harmony is effected and we experience dis-ease. To amend this the “natural harmony” must be restored. This is where Sound Healing comes into play.

How? The ability of frequencies to bring the body back into harmony and restoring the body to its natural perfection is the power of sound.

This is a very simplistic answer, as there are other things that play a part… such as entrainment and intention… however once we grasp when the natural frequency of a “dis-eased” cell is matched it can be restored to its native state and healing occurs… we basically understand Sound Healing.

Another aspect in which sound can be effective is when there is foreign mass occurring in the body such as a tumor, or calcification or emotional block sound can be used to break apart the tumor, the calcification, or the emotional block by using frequencies which cannot be sustain by the foreign mass; much like the commercial where the singer shatters the glass by creating a frequency beyond the ability of the glass to hold it.


Mary’s Personal Sound Ability

It has taken years for me to grasp my own personal ability in the art of Sound Healing. It is important to share that my throat and lungs were “reconfigured” by beings from another dimension, so that I could bring through the frequencies which I tone; frequencies that are not of this dimension, but are now able to be received by this dimension.

When I started to tone, I only had an inkling of the magic that was coming through me. However, over time, my awareness of the gift I bring through has expanded and I am finally ready to acknowledge it to the world.

All sound is magic, and has its own merits, and there are many wonderful sound healers. However, I can only speak to you of the magic I bring through my personal sound.

When I tone, it works with people on many levels. It works with healing emotional, spiritual and physical dis-ease in a profound way… yet that is not the only gifts of my sound. Within the frequencies I bring through there is an even greater power being given – should you choose to receive it. And, it is now the time for me to own it, acknowledge it and share that knowledge with the world, which is the purpose and intent of this site.

In 1999 while toning in the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber I was downloaded with frequencies which would be important for people to receive after the turn of the century. To my understanding these frequencies would be important in relationship to the shifts and changes that would soon be occurring.

Words cannot describe it, yet when the sound is received, the magic begins. If you as an individual are ready and willing to receive it, magic happens. The frequencies coming through are designed to active what science refers to as our “junk DNA” and opens you to the portals of your higher consciousness… opens you to your distinct “vibrational” frequency… opens you to your ultimate potential… OPENS YOU!! The time is now, are you READY??


Mary Electra
Tonal Alchemist


Mary is not just a massage therapist who makes you feel good.  She is a phenomenal healer who has worked with my autistic child.  Before Mary, my daughter rarely spoke.  We tried many mainstream and alternative treatments.  The absolute turning point for my daughter was after sessions with Mary.  The sound, touch, sound enhanced bath salts and love that Mary transmitted, opened up my daughter more than I ever dreamed possible.  Not only is Mary the most loving healer but one who is obviously transmitting the power of spirit.   My daughter speaks so much now and confidently.  Mary is our answer to many years of prayer.  We don’t know how to begin to thank her. — K.B.


I first met Mary, when I attended her Sound Clinic at Firefly Willows in Los Altos, California with a quarter sized lump and pain in my breast. Within 48 hours after the session, the lump and pain disappeared spontaneously and a subsequent doctor’s appointment and mammogram a few days later showed completely clear test results and NO lump! I believe Mary’s gift and connection to spirit, along with additional energy and healing intent from the group, helped me achieve my strong intent to bring my body back to health and wholeness. I would recommend anyone with an open mind and an intent to heal or grow to connect with Mary. — Michelle