— After returning home from a session with Mary, I felt different. I felt that I might have been healed from arthritis, so I asked my Rheumatologist if I could stop the medications I had been taking for many years. Without his consent, I stopped the medications and have been arthritis free for over a year. I truly believe Mary facilitated the energy that my own body used to put this painful disease in remission. — B. S.

Mary has a true gift in her healing touch and the music that flows through her. It has been my pleasure to know her and to have had her work on me several times. I only wish I had the opportunity for her to work more with me. She is gifted and connected – my wholehearted recommendation!! — M. P.

— When I called in to Achieve Radio on June 5, 2007 and asked Mary to help me to unblock myself; I felt something great was coming but I felt blocked to receive. Mary told me to relax, breath, then she made her sounds. I said I felt tingling vibrations. A few days later I received a beautiful diamond bracelet. A few days later my daughters each received a huge money gift from their grandparents and it feels like more is to come in many good ways. Thank you, Mary. — Anita (call in listener to Achieve Radio Show)


So far I have received three Sound Healings from Mary, and each one has gotten stronger and more potent as I learned how to breathe more effectively, relax my body completely, still my mind and focus my intent. Mary guides you through a very vivid meditation filled with Divine Light and healing color, culminating in a Sound Healing that enhances the power of your own intention to gently heal whatever issue you need most – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – whatever may be out of balance or alignment is wrapped in a vibrating cocoon of sound and lovingly, divinely restored.
Although it was a physical disease that brought me to her, I have also benefited in a mental and spiritual way from Mary’s gift. The tones have continued to resonate throughout my body, mind and soul after the sessions are over, opening doors within and without. I highly recommend her fun, gracious spirit to anyone for any issue. — Robb Fahey, Omaha, NE


— Hi Mary! What a blissful evening last night! Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the sound with you. There is a sound healer in my neighborhood by the name of Saggio. I have not had the opportunity to join him for a workshop, but am hoping to soon.  Thank you for recording the CD’s, and the spritz is divine! Love, love, love… — Andrea

— Apparently, the thanks needs to go the other way around. I received a note from my mother yesterday and you have helped her to see the damage her husband has done to her in a way my sisters and I never could. I was already very thankful for you because of the dramatically positive changes I have experienced in the few months I have known you. However, you may have saved my mother’s life (or at least contributed) and that means far more to me than anything you could do for my own life.
We’ve been dealing with this abusive relationship since 2005 and nothing in the world kept her from continuing to subject herself to it. She’s only here and safe (temporarily) because the police shipped her off to protect her. Even that didn’t open her eyes, surprisingly.
My mother always taught me that people come into our lives for a reason. You were clearly brought into mine to save her. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! — Dion


Mary’s work is incredibly powerful, so powerful in fact that she spent only a few minutes with me at a busy trade show and it profoundly changed my life. Later I had a full treatment in private and I experienced feelings and changes that were otherworldly. She truly enables you to bridge the gap between this world and the spirit one, with the result being a new “lease on life” that empowers you to accomplish anything. Thank you, Mary! — Dave H.

— Had a rishi session with Kathy Cook yesterday. Remember, she had her intention of “peaceful money” or something like that last week? Well, out of the blue and totally unexpected, her husband, Don, received this very large bonus check in the mail this week! Cool. — David Weber

— Mary’s massage techniques bring an incredible inner peace and calm. Her use of sound let me focus on my intentions and internalize their success. I truly was a different person after experiencing her unique gifts. — David W., San Carlos, CA


Dearest Mary!

I want to thank you for the beautiful sound healing last Saturday, Thanks for coming all the way here. My friends all like the session a lot and it was something really special to Maricarmen. As you remember, my intention was the flowing of love – I like love!
Well, I have to tell you, today is Tuesday, just a few days after our session, and I received the most beautiful love letter I had ever gotten. Yes, from a man, and someone very special to me… whatever happens in the future is well and good, but NOW, TODAY, I am very very blessed and I have to say you are part of this blessing. Thanks a lot!!!!
Maybe we should plan and hold a session every two months at my house if you’d like; and of course you can use my testimony if you want to. Maybe it has a lot to do with the change that David was talking about. New Era in all senses.

Love, Laura

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