Weekly Meditation

Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist’s Weekly Group Sound Meditation

GROUP SOUND MEDITATION: 9:00 AM PT – Saturday Mornings, 15-20 minutes
Weekly Sound Healing Meditations begin Saturday, July 15th at 9:00am.

Must sign up by 7:00am to join that days Meditation.


  • 1 Sound Meditation $3.00 per Session
  • 4 Sound Meditations Sessions $10.00
Purchase 1 to 8 Sessions

Mary’s unique inter-dimensional frequencies bring spiritual, emotional and physical healing to all those who receive them. The frequencies open portals to your higher consciousness. The sound activates what science calls your “unnecessary or junk” DNA; “tuning” you into your deeper wisdom and knowing. When working with groups, each individual’s highest intention is being served. Through the sound amazing transformation can and does occur for each person. Again, all healing work being done is in consideration of each person’s highest and best interest. Although the sound is powerful when just toned into the ethers, when it is received by an individual or a group in “real” time the power of the sound is magnified tenfold and must be experienced to be fully realized.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE:  As the sound can often be quite subtle and shifts can occur, I ask once you receive the sound healing please be mindful of how you feel for several days after receiving it. Pay attention to your dreams, the issues that arise, emotionally or physically… you might be inspired to write, journal or sleep. There might be unexplained burst of creative energy or a sense of discontent, your thought process might become more defined and cohesive or their might be an experience of confusion. Just be mindful of yourself as the sound is working with you on many levels – and its greatest gift is helping you explore. If you have suggestions of better times to set up mediation sessions please send me your input… I’m open to your suggestions. Thank you and blessings. Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist


Mary came to my home to conduct a session with my cat, Sherman, who had been diagnosed with cancer and having a tumor in his chest cavity.  It has been 10 months since Mary’s initial visit and Sherman shows no signs of deteriorating health.  The vet has even expressed surprise by Sherman’s weight gain and overall good health condition.”   — M.T.