Mary Electra’s Sound and Spirit Healing Products

Mary Electra has created Healing CD’s design to take you on a “Journey with Sound”. They were all created with intention and can soothe, stimulate, relax and touch each person listening to them.

Mary’s Essential Oil Spritzers are infused with “ancient” tonal vibrations unique to Mary and are designed to open your sensory perceptions through your channel of “smell”.

Mary’s products truly are “Alchemy in Action”.


BREATH PEACE by Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist internationally known master of Sound Healing and Jeff Victor, one of the most accomplished pianist of our time!

Mary Electra and Jeff Victor, both artists and healers, has collaborated to create this CD of evocative sound in which time seems suspended. A sound that is so illuminating and transcendent it inspires as well as soothes with each “breathe” you take. A wonderful addition to your collection.

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ANCIENT SOUNDS - $10 (plus $4 shipping)

ANCIENT SOUNDS IN PARADISE by Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist

A true testament to sound – ancient and powerful. An inspired and inspirational CD of vast healing magnitude which evokes a remembrance of our “Divine Essence”, connecting us to IT’S healing power. This CD will lift you, heal you and empower you. This CD uses indigenous instruments and toning to bring that power to you.

HOMECOMING TO SPIRIT - $10 (plus $4 shipping)

HOMECOMING TO SPIRIT by Mary Electra, Tonal Alchemist and Danny Many Horses, Native American Flutist

Two amazing artists and healers, Mary Electra and Danny Many Horses, will take you on a journey in time through sound. Your Destiny — a “Homecoming to Spirit”. Let the music touch you while listening with your heart. Awaken now and forever the Divinity that lives within you. Enjoy your Journey with Homecoming to Spirit.

TIME TO BE ALIVE: Awake & Live in your Vibrational Essence

Mary Electra’s book TIME TO BE ALIVE: Awake & Live in your Vibrational Essence
How do you choose to Live? Is existing day to day enough? Is living only for survival your true life’s ambition? Find the vital, creative and powerful person living within you today, as now is the Time To Be Alive! This book can be YOUR answer in awakening to your full potential.

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Sound Enhanced Essential Oil Spritzers - $10 (plus $4 shipping)

Mary Electra’s Sound Enhanced Essential Oil Spritzers

The vibration of the sound frequencies combined with the frequencies of the essential oils creates a powerful healing experience.

DETOX is a blend of Lemon, Basil, Oregano and Frankincense Oils. This clears your energy field.

SPIRITUAL CLARITY is a blend of Lavender, Patchouli, Bergamot, Peppermint, and Frankincense Oils. This opens your energy field.

TRANSCENDENCE is a blend of Rose, Sage, Spikenard and Frankincense Oils. This expands your energy field.


I just received Tyler’s special spray bottle yesterday and it was perfect timing! We had a parenting class and visitation yesterday afternoon! So we all took turns spraying ourselves and then put the bottle in our sock and went to visit Tyler. We explained to him what it was for and he was SOOOOO excited for us to spray him! So we sprayed him and his pillow really well! Tyler has been doing FANTASTIC! He has become a completely different child! He’s happy, he’s eating, he’s considerate, he’s loving, he’s sleeping!! He’s earning new privileges almost every day! We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done Mary! But we’d like to thank you from the very bottom of ALL of our hearts! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! — Sandy

Mary I wasn’t sure if Sandy got back a hold of you. She said the change in Tyler is phenomenal he is his old loving self again – thank you so much. I really believe you saved a little boys life. Thank you again. You have a great gift. Lots of love to you. — Kim M.


I had tried different meditation CD’s before, but BREATH PEACE is in a class of its own. I was able to go deeper and reach further into my Inner-self through the magic of Mary’s music. — Ken M.


I floated into a delicious trance within seconds. Completely mesmerizing…Shoshana S. Bennett, Ph.D.